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Sarah Sargison

Hi, I'm Sarah. I have loved dancing my whole life. I danced ballet and tap as a youngster, and later hip hop and contemporary dance. At 14 I started aerobics classes and kept up with the trends in dance fitness like Step & Zumba until 2017.

I became addicted to Latin dance in 2013 and soon moved towards Zouk and Samba de Gafieira. I loved the flow and extended body movement of Zouk, and the speed and technical beauty of Samba. I vividly remember watching 2 local teachers dance Samba at a class and thinking 'I have to learn that dance'.

I followed my passion for Samba and have been to immersion courses with some of the top Samba teachers in the world. I continue to learn from top local and international intructors.

I have also become more proficient at Zouk, winning an Australiasian competition in April 2018. As with Samba, I regularly attend international Zouk workshops and have private lesson with world champions.

Latin dance has changed my life and I love having the opportunity to open the door to our wonderful dance community to others through teaching.

Quotes from students in Samba de Gafieira beginners class 2018:

"I really love Sarah’s Samba de Gafieira classes. Samba is fun playful dance. I always thought It was a bit technical but after just one block of classes with Sarah I feel confident as a lead to get out and dance it socially. In fact every song that comes on these days I’m asking myself - can I samba it!
Classes are very relaxed and you can learn at your own pace. Sometimes they seem more like a party than a class!
Lots of fun and very social." Brendon, NZ

"I absolutely love Sarah’s classes. She guides us all through the steps for total beginners to more experienced dancers. Samba de Gafieira is a beautiful and fun dance, it’s like a funky tango! Give it a go, you will love it too". Corrine, NZ

"Learning Samba de Gafieira with Sarah has been an amazing experience! Her lessons are always creative and fun. I thank her for showing to me that Samba is not complicated to learn! Highly recommend the classes!" Fran, Brazil

"I always wanted to learn how to dance Samba de Gafieira. Back in Brazil I had some opportunities to do it, but somehow I didn't identify with the tutors or their methods. It was in New Zealand I had my first contact with this funny style. Also the good energy from the teacher and [other Samba de Gafieira] lovers makes you motivated to learn more and more. I strong recommend Samba de Gafieira class." Renato, Brazil

"I always thought Samba de Gafieira looked like a fun dance but hard to learn and then I started classes with Sarah and absolutely love it and love they way she teaches, making it fun and easy to learn, now I never want to stop dancing it. Totally recommend these classes." Nikki, NZ

The Dance Factory instructor Sarah SargisonThe Dance Factory instructor Sarah Sargison